Mac Jee Solutions

Mac Jee designed and developed Armadillo TA-2, an automatic or manual positioning and launching system
designed to fully retract in the vehicle during the non-offensive phase.

With its ability to hide the system completely, it can be confused with any standard 4X4 patrol vehicle.

Each TA-2 (Cocoon) module contains 16 rockets of 70mm, offering increased safety and maximized protection:

  • Easy and safe transportation
  • Efficient storage
  • Possible revitalization
  • Optimized Maintenance

With 3 modules on its launching platform + 3 modules in its ammunition compartment, almost 100 rockets, ARMADILLO © is a light vehicle with the greatest firepower in the world.

It can fire direct shots at a distance of up to 3 km without stabilization, and indirect artillery shots at a distance of up to 12 km, with stabilization

Mac Jee developed a revolutionary automatic reloading system: fast, safe and combat efficient.

Complete and automatic electric leveling system, stabilizing the vehicle during launching phase

  • Robust
  • Without hydraulic system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick and efficient use

Developed exclusively by Mac Jee team.

The system can operate under all weather conditions.

Heavy rain, sandstorm, extreme heat and cold, etc.

When Armadillo is retracted, the center of gravity is lowered and the vehicle becomes more stable, easy to operate on any ground.

The compartment of ARMADILLO © system is fully airtight, sealed by a movable roof, which protects the launching system and the recharge ammunition compartment.

Multiple applications in operations:

  • Patrolling reinforcement
  • Advanced artillery station
  • Support for rocket launchers of larger caliber
  • Artillery Battery Complement
  • Border surveillance
  • Special operations

ARMADILLO © provides the military with a masked launch solution, operating in few seconds.

  • Capacity to load 3 modules in parallel
  • Module fast recharge

Several types of applications can be developed according to customer's needs:

  • Support for optronic systems
  • latform for take-off and landing / VANTE storage
  • Support for Radar Antenna

Launch of Armadillo at LAAD 2017

At this year edition of the LAAD defense and security exhibition, the Brazilian defense contractor Mac Jee is introducing a new type of light rocket launcher system which can be fitted on the roof of 4x4 light armoured vehicles: the Armadillo TA-2.